How are Nodes Incentivizes in the ANALOG Network?

Decentralized applications nowadays are being widely accepted for its convenient uses.
From huge transactions on financing down to social media platforms and etc…

From data Consumers or providers decentralized applications, to other platforms that is decentralized and back to back. ANALOG harness or filtrates timestamps to it’s network by its “Proof-of-Time” consensus mechanism from transactions made by those various said nodes.
These nodes are being fairly incentivized according to their behavior entering timestamps into the network.

ANALOG aims to create one place for usable, immutable, uncensorable, searchable, indexable and linear “Time Graph.” An ecosystem where communications runs freely.

As ANALOG provides global repository for time data, ANALOG Network bridges all decentralized applications from different entities and provide an ecosystem for Blockchains to communicate and transfer value able without centralized bridges or wrapped assets